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Angelish Wedding Wrap Shrug Shawl


How cold do you think it will be at the wedding and wish to wear a jumper chilly? Or frostbite and snow chilly? If it's the first, the prominent Wedding Wrap makes the cutest wedding dresses, which with all the excitement and adrenalin. Thi...
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  • Wrap style and pearl decorated makes it a butterfly look
  • Stylish and unique design makes this Wedding Wrap beautiful and elegant
  • Made of excellent quality material with special embellishments
  • Perfect for a wedding or any other special occasion
  • This Wedding Wrap is a great gift for your friends or lover
  • It is simple but unique designed, perfect for a wedding or any other special occasion
  • If you find your wedding dress is not perfect or humdrum, the Faux Fur Wedding Wrap can make up the fault and accentuate the wedding costume
  • The Faux Fur Wedding Wrap is made of excellent quality material, featuring beautiful and elegant embellishments
  • Found a great dress but want to wear a shrug wrap to your wedding? Go for it
  • The dress is perfect but you're insecure about your arms, there's no reason you can't add a beautiful shrug over the dress to hide your imperfections
  • Not only will this Wedding Stole add to the uniqueness of the dress, this Wedding Stole will also make you feel more self confident
  • If you look real hard you may even find a dress that already has a shrug with it
  • Material: Faux Fur


Angelish Wedding Wrap Shrug Shawl

  • It is simple but unique designed, perfect for a wedding or any other special occasion

Angelish Wedding Wrap Shrug Shawl

Angelish Wedding Wrap Shrug Shawl

  • If you find your wedding dress is not perfect or humdrum, the wedding wrap shawl can make up the fault and accentuate the wedding costume

Maintenance Method:

  • Keep away from damp and heat. Sunlight and humid are enemies of fur. Thus when placing the fur, the fur shall not be directly exposed to sunlight shall be avoided, and shall be free of hot and humid place. It would be best for the room temperature to be 15 degrees
  • Correct hanging. Use a hanger with shoulder pads to hang the fur, instead of a steel wire one, in case of fur damage or deformation
  • Good air permeability. When storing the fur, high air permeability is required; plastic bags are not allowed. Loose cloth bags can be used to cover the fur, in case of dust, when necessary
  • Keep off chemicals. When wearing the fur, fragrant or hair spray shall be avoided, as alcohol content in chemicals of these products will dry the fur
  • If the fur is carelessly wet, do not try to dry it with a hair dryer, as the fur can not be heated. You just need to hang the wet fur in a dry place and naturally dry it
  • No washing by machine. Softly hand washing

Wedding Wrap and Stole Selection:

  • Step 1:
    Figure out whether a wrap or stole works best with your dress. A wrap works best with a bride because it does just that -- wraps around the shoulders and closes at the center. This is the most functional option if the wrap is intended to be a part of the bridal look throughout the ceremony. A stole also wraps around the shoulders, but mimics a large scarf in that there is remaining fabric at both ends. This is the best option when the stole will only be worn for warmth and things like getting in and out of the car. Stoles work well on the bridal party because they can easily be removed for pictures or the reception
  • Step 2:
    Find a wrap or stole that suits the dress. Regardless of who is wearing the accessory, it should not compete with the dress: It should simply accentuate it, adding to the silhouette. Wraps and stoles work best with strapless or spaghetti strap dresses, which allow them to sit properly on the shoulders. The wrap doesn't have to match the dress exactly, it just has to coordinate. For a bride, this can mean a brocade wrap (while the wedding gown is not brocade) and for anyone in the bridal party, it can mean a wrap or stole in a hue slightly lighter or darker than the dress
  • Step 3:
    Wear the wrap or stole. A wrap will usually have a button, snap or ribbon closure at the center. In this case, simply fasten the closure and be sure the wrap drapes properly on the shoulders. The maid of honor should be on hand to adjust the wrap for any pictures. When the bride moves around, the wrap can shift and get out of place, so someone should be nearby during pictures to make sure the wrap lies properly
  • Step 4:
    Stoles can be draped at the shoulders for easy removal, or they can be fastened with a brooch. This can be done at the center, with two equal portions of the wrap hanging down, or it can be done at one side with equal portions of the stole hanging down on either side

Tips & Warnings:

  • Choose the lightest wrap or stole that will keep you warm. This will prevent it from detracting from the wedding dress or becoming too cumbersome
  • Bring a hanger to the ceremony venue so you can prevent your wrap from wrinkling when you're not wearing it, such as when you're taking pictures

Shrugs for your Wedding Gown:

A shawl is moreso defined by the manner in which it's worn. Basically, the word "shawl" refers to any square piece of cloth (i.e. a scarf) draped loosely over the shoulders and arms

Angelish Wedding Wrap Shrug Shawl

"Pashmina" is the Persian word for wool, and most popularly refers to the fine wool sheared from the undercoat of a Himalayan mountain goat. This 100% Pashmina scarf, shown here in champagne ivory, is extremely versatile in that it can be draped over the shoulders and worn as an elegant bridal shawl, tied around the waist as a bohemian belt, or tied at the neck like a winter scarf

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wedding Shawl