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Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals


Do you want to have a pair of light flip flops? Here the Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals can give you much surprise!The beach thong women flip flops are made of rubber material. It is very comfortable to wear and touch. Yo...
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  • The bow thong design of the women flip flops is stunningly elegant, beautiful and cool
  • Lightweight, stylish, women flip flops are comfortable to wear and soft to touch
  • Enjoy your beach with the women flip flops
  • Wedge flip flops will bring more fun, laughter to your daily life
  • Bow flip flops greatly fit for year round use
  • Also an ideal gift choice for friends or lover
  • Front Lift: 20mm/0.8in
  • Heel Height: 35mm/1.4in
  • Material: Plastic Cement(Upper), Rubber(Sole)


Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals

  • The bow thong design of the comfortable women flip flops is stunningly elegant, beautiful and cool

Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals

  • Lightweight, stylish, the nice women flip flops are comfortable to wear and soft to touch. Also an ideal gift choice for friends or lover

Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals

  • Wedge flip flops will bring more fun, laughter to your daily life. And the other color details of the flip flops

Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals

  • The side details of the bow flip flops. And the comfortable bow flip flops greatly fit for year round use

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  • There may be certain error of these dimensions; specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure Your Feet:

Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals

Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals

How to Clean Flip Flops:

Women Bow Beach Thong Wedge Slippers Sandals

  • Start with plain old soap and water and an old toothbrush. Remove most of the grime with a little scrubbing
  • Put them in the dishwasher. Do not wash them with dishes, and use a gentle cleaner when running your rubber sandals through the wash. Add vinegar and baking soda to the wash to do double duty--cleaning your shoes and your dishwasher
  • Let your tub fill with water while you take a shower. Soak flip flops to loosen dirt, and scrub with a nail brush afterward
  • Use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as an easy way to remove grime from your flip flops and bathtub
  • Try an oxygen cleaner and water to get stains off your sandals. You may need to add the power of a scrub brush for maximum results
  • Use steel wool pads with soap to get down and dirty with the grit in your flip flops. This method works best after soaking the sandals in a sink of water for about an hour

About Flip Flops:


  • Flip flops are a thong sandal that consist of a flat rubber sole and a thong strap that holds the sole to the foot. The strap is a simple Y-shape that allows the big toe and the second toe to grasp it, keeping the rubber sole close to the front of the foot. The name "flip flop" likely came from the flippy sound that the rubber sole makes when you walk in them. As the back of the sole hits the foot, you can hear a distinct popping sound


  • Flip flops have their origin in thousands of years of thong sandals throughout the cultures of Asia. The Chinese and Japanese used thong sandals for centuries, and Japanese sandals called "zori" featured straps that went between the first and second toe. The modern flip flop was perfected as New Zealand beachwear by Morris Yock, who filed for the patent in 1957. The footwear became instantly popular when flip flops were worn by the Australian Olympic swim team in 1956. The name "flip flop" is a brand name (protected by trademark) of a German manufacturing company, but the name has evolved to encompass any inexpensive rubber thong sandal


  • Rubber flip flops are some of the least expensive footwear in the world. They are intended to be convenient and taken on and off quickly. They work well at the beach or as a quick slip-on shoe to step outside with. Because they are cheap, disposable and waterproof, many people choose to use them in communal showers (such as a gym) or as indoor shoes in cultures where it is proper to leave shoes in the doorway, such as in Japan


  • Because flip flops provide no arch support or ankle support, many podiatrists feel that they are the cause of foot-related problems for people who wear them a lot. Because there is little support and the front of the foot must clench unnaturally to keep the thong in place, it can cause the wearer to walk in ways that stress the feet, ankles and legs. Beyond that, the shoes are loose and open, causing lots of sprained ankles and stubbed toes due to the slipping and sliding of the rubber sole


  • Flip flops are the source of several fashion controversies. They are considered too casual for many events, even more so than open toed shoes or sandals. There was a minor uproar with the national championship Northwestern Women's Lacrosse team when they were invited to the White House to meet President George W. Bush. In the group photo, several of the players are seen wearing flip flops, a serious breech of fashion etiquette. In such a formal situation, open toed shoes are considered inappropriate and flip flops are simply not acceptable. Critics pointed out how the flip flops at the White House were evidence of the cultural shift to less formal fashion and a disregard for traditional fashion rules

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Wedge Slippers Sandals