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Bomcilla Long Sleeve Middle Rise Slim Women Dress


Are you still dreaming of an amazing dress? If so, please don't miss this fashion women dress. The exquisite design and the fine workmanship make this women dress a perfect choice for you in this season and it will add brilliance to your present sple...
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  • Pattern: Round Collar
  • Material: Cotton Blends
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Made in Asia
  • The design of this kind of women dress is in accordance with mass appetite that can always keep you in fashion
  • This sort of women dress is comfortable and pleasantly cool to wear so that it can let you be in high spirit
  • Show your charming with the women dress, you and your lover will have a good day
  • The material of this dress is as soft and smooth as hairs
  • With stylish design, this women dress is popular
  • Our products are manufactured in Asia, due to the small size, we kindly remind that carefully choose your own size
  • Wholesale women dresses at Dailyshop.com, you will get the best price

Size in Detail:

ClothType Size Waist Length Shoulder Width Sleeve Length Bust Color
cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
/ L 82 31.98 87 33.93 38 14.82 62 24.18 96 37.44 Grey
/ M 78 30.42 86 33.54 37 14.43 61 23.79 90 35.10 Grey
/ S 72 28.08 85 33.15 36 14.04 60 23.40 82 31.98 Grey
/ XL 86 33.54 88 34.32 39 15.21 63 24.57 100 39.00 Grey
/ XXL 92 35.88 88 34.32 40 15.60 63 24.57 106 41.34 Grey


  • Measured size refers to the followed measurement image
  • Because of measuring by hands, errors must have been existed, controlled from 1 to 5 cm
  • These dimensions are for reference only; specific dimension varies from person to person
  • Size: S bust range from 76 cm to 82cm, waist range from 64cm to 72cm
  • Size: L bust range from 82cm to 88, waist range from 70cm to78cm
  • Size: M bust range from 88cm to 94cm,waist range from 76cm to 82cm
  • Size: XL bust range from 94cm to 100cm,waist range from 82cm to 86 cm
  • Size: XXL range from 100cm to 106cm,waist range from  84cm to 92cm


Bomcilla Long Sleeve Middle Rise Slim Women Dress

  • Embedded with chic modern designing patterns, this kind of women dress is both fashionable and gentle

 Bomcilla Long Sleeve Middle Rise Slim Women Dress

  • With stylish factors, this lady dress is a worthwhile choice for the women of the new generation

 Bomcilla Long Sleeve Middle Rise Slim Women Dress

  • Dresses are worn by females of all ages as an alternative to a separate skirt and blouse or trousers

How to Measure:

Bomcilla Long Sleeve Middle Rise Slim Women Dress

How to Wash:

Cotton blends clothing is made from fibers of both cotton and synthetic polyester. The fabric is lightweight and typically does not need to be ironed, which makes it great for traveling. The cotton polyester blend doesn't shrink as much as cotton.

•l Machine washes on the warm cycle with a detergent of your choice

•l Separate whites from colored clothes. Wash whites and colors, separately to ensure color preservation

•l Wash a load of either whites or colors in the washing machine on the delicate cycle using cold water. Use regular laundry detergent without bleach to wash the clothes

•l Add a fabric softener if you so desire

Tumble dry the clothes on the delicate setting, unless the tags specifically direct you to line dry or lay the item flat to dry. If you are concerned about shrinkage, then tumble dry the items for a couple of minutes to get the wrinkles out, then hang them to finish drying

Package Included:

  • 1 x Women's Dress