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Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets


This long sleeve jacket is very popular in the market because of its fashionable style and perfect workmanship. This women jacket is very comfortable to wear and touch. Special design makes you cool and keeps you looking fashion forward with this bea...
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  • Unique double breasted design women jacket will make you more fashionable
  • With delicate solid workmanship this women long sleeve jacket can last long time wearing
  • With the cool design, the long sleeve jacket is the fashion top choice and makes you cool and charming
  • The design of the jacket is quite stylish and can show your charm incisively and vividly
  • Wearing this cool long sleeve jacket will never be out of fashion
  • It is a very fashion gift for you or someone special
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Green


Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

  • This woman jacket is very soft to touch and comfortable for you

Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

  • With unique solid design, this woman jacket will make you more beautiful

Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

  • Keep you stand in the front of fashion with stylish double breasted woman jacket

Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

  • The elegant and neat back design of the women jacket can make you outstanding

Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

  • Elegant design with high quality material which is cool and comfortable

Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

  • The design will make you look more slim when you wear it, best choice for this season

How to Measure:

Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

Size in Detail:


Shoulder Width


Sleeve Length















































  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

Package Included:

  • 1 x Women Jacket

How to Fit Women's Suit Jackets Properly:

Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

In the professional world women must have at least one good business suit in their wardrobe. A proper fit is imperative to achieve a stylish and professional look. You can determine the proper fit of a suit jacket by knowing how the different parts should look in relation to your body


  • Check to be sure the jacket of your suit is not so large that it gives you an untidy appearance. To look your best it should fit fairly snugly and shouldn't pull or gap in the bust area when buttoned. At the same time, be certain the buttons line up properly with the button holes
  • Examine the shoulders of the jacket to ensure that it fits properly. To look neat and fitted you want the shoulder seams to be centered along the top of your own shoulders. The correct fit is loose enough to allow you full range of motion while keeping a smooth drape from the top of the shoulders downward
  • Stretch your arms straight up and check the mirror to be sure that the bottom of the jacket doesn't ride up to a position that leaves your abdomen exposed. At the same time, check to be sure the front, back and both sides of the hem all remain even
  • Extend your arms out from your sides then move them straight out in front of yourself checking to be sure the sleeves don't pull above your wrist bones with either of these movements. If you choose to wear a traditional long-sleeve button-down shirt with your suit the sleeves of the suit should leave about ½ inch of shirt cuff showing
  • Inspect the lapels to be sure they lie flat against the jacket. Women with with smaller busts and shoulders may go for larger lapels, while women with larger busts or shoulders should choose smaller lapels. However, irregardless of the style of lapels that you choose, you want the lapels to lay flat against your body and not bunch up when the jacket is buttoned 

How to Make a Woman's Jacket Bigger:

Heaneez Double Breasted Cotton Long Sleeve Solid Women Jackets

A woman's jacket can be made larger by letting out some of the fabric in the seams. Even a 1/2 inch on both side seams will add an extra inch to the width of the jacket. Some women's jackets also have double side seams or a seam down the back to allow for a more fitted look. In this case, the jacket can be made even larger


  • Remove the stitches from your jacket's arm and side seams, using a stitch remover. If there is a seam down the back of the jacket, remove those stitches as well. Do not substitute a stitch remover for scissors as this can permanently damage the fabric of your jacket. Remove any remaining threads by hand, ensuring that all the stitching is removed
  • Draw a line on the inside of the seams to indicate where your new seams will be sewn. Make sure to use a ruler so your lines are straight. Also, make sure to leave at least a millimeter of fabric from where you will be making your new seam. This will prevent the new stitching from ripping or showing through the seams
  • Sew along the lines to close your seams, using a thread color as similar to the color of your jacket as possible. To create a straight and smooth seam you should use a sewing machine; however, if you do not have one you can do this by hand. If you are sewing by hand, take your time and focus on making as straight of a seam as possible. Also, space your stitches out evenly to create a smooth line
  • Iron along your new seams to release the creases left by the old seams. This may take some time as the seams will be rigid. If the material of your jacket is strong, you could add some water to the seam before ironing. This will create a steaming effect that will help with releasing the crease. If the material is delicate, use a clothing steamer