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MYH Make Up Birthday Lint Women Jewelry Boxes


Are you looking for a box to put your odds and ends? Now take this jewelry box home, and put your treasures in it! We believe this jewelry box will be the one you are looking for. From rings to earrings, or other jewelries, from lipsticks to eye shad...
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  • It is great convenient to wear jewelry with this mirror lint jewelry box
  • The drawer of this jewelry gift box pulls out for bracelets or necklaces as well as other additional jewelry items
  • It will more convenient for you to wear jewelry facing the mirror lint jewelry box
  • Made of high quality material, this collecting box is durable
  • You can put this jewelry box anywhere as a decoration for your house
  • This can be a personalized cosmetics case as well as storage box
  • Material: Lint
  • Size: 15 x 10 x 12cm/5.9 x 3.9 x 4.7in(L x W x H)


MYH Make Up Birthday Lint Women Jewelry Boxes

  • Pink color makes the jewelry box unusual, exquisite and artistic

MYH Make Up Birthday Lint Women Jewelry Boxes

  • You can easily find it because of the enough space for you to put more jewelry

MYH Make Up Birthday Lint Women Jewelry Boxes

  • Lint jewelry box with matching travel case is a stylish way to store your favorite jewelry

MYH Make Up Birthday Lint Women Jewelry Boxes

  • This jewelry box is with good detais, very elegant and acctractive

MYH Make Up Birthday Lint Women Jewelry Boxes

  • With the mirror,  it will be more convenient for you to wear jewelry
  • How to Decorate a Jewelry Box

    MYH Make Up Birthday Lint Women Jewelry Boxes

    • Make your own personalized jewelry box using items you can buy at your local craft store. Decorated boxes also make lovely gifts or crafts that girls can do at a birthday party. They can take their finished jewelry boxes home as a party favor. Stow your trinkets inside your box and display it where people can see it, on top of a dresser or bathroom counter
    • Paint your jewelry box using acrylic craft paint. For a sparkling, feminine jewelry box, use gold or silver paint. A more vintage-looking box could be muted pink, green or beige. Or, for a more natural finish, use wood stain or a clear coat. Allow the box to dry
    • Glue on embellishments. Glue seashells around the top edges of the box to create a beach-theme box. Make a box for a child by gluing small plastic toys to it or fuzzy pom poms. Feathers, trim or rocks are other options. Decoupage magazine pictures or photos printed from your computer onto your box using decoupage medium and a paintbrush. Create designs such as swirls or hearts by gluing colorful beads to the top of the box. Use tweezers to place beads where you want them. Scratched CDs that you don't need anymore can make a cool mosaic when you break them up and glue them on
    • Cut a piece of colored felt or velvet to fit inside your box. This will serve as a liner so your jewelry won't get scratched inside the box. Glue a mirror to the inside lid of the box. Embellish the inside lid of the box with rhinestones for an extra touch of sparkle

    Ideas for a Jewelry Box

    MYH Make Up Birthday Lint Women Jewelry Boxes

    • Many women are very particular about the box they use to store their jewelry, and traditional boxes are not right for every taste. Women will frequently repurpose a box that was intended for another use, such as a cigar box. Size and personal aesthetic are two big considerations. A woman with a large jewelry collection might choose a large box with many compartments, so necklaces do not become tangled and the whole collection is visible

    Vintage Boxes

    • Vintage stores are wonderful resources for items that can be used as jewelry boxes. Broken music boxes are intimate, feminine items that can be used for small jewelry collections. Vintage tin lunchboxes make a fun, retro jewelry box, although you may want to add an interior box to separate the collection. Fifties recipe boxes have a campy, playful feel. Doll play-set boxes make good jewelry boxes because they are often already divided up into sections

    Industrial Boxes

    • Some women prefer a utilitarian aesthetic to a girly, decorative look. Industrial jewelry for body piercings works well in an alternative jewelry box. Fishing tackle boxes are popular for belly rings because these boxes have many small compartments. Cigar boxes are popular choices because of the structural quality of the box and the rugged, nostalgic feel. An office supply store is a good place to look, as many pencil boxes and desk organizers work well

    Handmade Boxes

    • There is an entire niche within craft art dedicated to homemade jewelry boxes. Some craft enthusiasts build the physical box out of another form, as when they glue the pages of a book together and hollow it out into a box. Others decorate existing craft boxes using such techniques as decoupage, or gluing rhinestones and ornamentation to the box. One idea for a gift jewelry box is to make a friendship collage from photos and glue it to the outside of the box

    Basic Boxes

    • Some women like to let the jewelry take center stage and use an unadorned box for their collection. Solid boxes are made of such materials as wood, metal, paper and leather. Art supply stores are a good place to look for basic boxes. Engraving companies often carry a broad range of high quality boxes of various materials

     Package Included:

    • 1 x Jewelry Box