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Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs


These women panties are the perfect seduction pieces for your sexy rendezvous. They are suitable for just about any occasion whether dressy or casual. This is a kind of sexy low rise panties. These ladies panties are made of chinlon material decorate...
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  • These sexy transparent women panties are made of next to skin material, which is comfortable to your skin
  • With excellent lacework design, these women panties are sexy enough to make you seductive
  • Stylish bowknot design adds beauty element to these ladies panties
  • These beautiful women panties have nice air permeability, which can ensure the breathability of wearing
  • Designed with strong flexibility, these women panties can ensure the mobile freedom
  • The natural material of these sexy panties can protect your skin from dry
  • Comfortable and air permeability structure of these women panties provides you excellent wear experience.
  • One size fits most
  • Material: Chinlon


Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • The lacework design makes these women panties sexy and attractive

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • Unique back design with a bowknot can make your hips prominent and sexy

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs 

  • You will have comfortable and wonderful feeling with these women panties

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • Good elasticity, easy to wear

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • Lace design can make it out of ordinary

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • Natural and beautiful design, make the panty soft and smoothness to wear and touch

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • The panty is made of high quality material, durable and comfortable for your daily wearing

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • This panty is washable by hand, quite convenient and easy for you to clean

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • There are many different colors for you to choose your favorite ones

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

  • You will be very sexy and attractive to your husband or boyfriend with this kind of panties

How to Measure:

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

Size in Detail:





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  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Wash:

  • The underwear should be changed, washed immediately in every day
  • Be sure to avoid letting it stay overnight without washing, otherwise, the bacteria increased easily and increases the difficulty of the cleaning
  • The detergent is must the soap water and container is appropriative
  • The underwear in must need washing gently by hands and clean it with clear water
  • Neutral detergent for soaking and do not use washing machine dehydration
  • Underwear washed must avoid direct exposure, keep hat unfolded and be sure to avoid hang dry in shade

How to Buy a Thong:

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

Thongs are fabulous for women who want to avoid the embarrassment of a visible panty line, especially if you buy a thong in a seamless fabric. In addition if you get a thong that fits well, you won't be uncomfortable in these panties


  • Decide what kind of thong you want. There are G-strings, T-strings and V-strings and hybrids between thongs and other panties such as tangas and Thongboys. Each offers different kinds of coverage. G-strings are going to be the skimpiest, and the less likely to create a visible panty line. They will also be the most uncomfortable. Thongboys cover the most area, but may create a visible panty line. If this is you first thong purchase, try an in-between thong such as tanga or a Thongboy. If you're a thong veteran, a G-string may be for you
  • Think about what kind of bottoms you wear. If you wear low rise pants and skirts, you will need to buy low-rise thongs to prevent your thong from sticking out of your pants
  • Consider trying on your thongs on before buying (see the sales associate about the best way to do this). This can prevent any discomfort from the thong and you can make sure this kind of panty is right for you
  • Buy one thong to try for it out for an entire day before deciding whether or not to buy many thongs. You may find wearing a thong all day to be very uncomfortable for you, or you may find it's not as bad as you think
  • Shop around for thongs. Thongs are very standard and can be found not only at lingerie stores such as Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood but also department stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom and JC Penny's. Each store will have different kinds of thongs, and different sizing and fabric options

Tips & Warnings

  • As you choose your thongs try not to get too caught up in the sizes. Thongs have to fit right to be comfortable and this may mean going up a size or two from what you would normally wear
  • Thongs may increase your chances of getting a yeast infection
  • Thongs may be uncomfortable for you if your day is very active or you are a plus-sized woman
  • The more embellished your thong is, the more uncomfortable it may be

How to Find the Right Size in Panties:

Qiequer Sexy Lace Bowknot Women Panties 3Pcs

Choosing and wearing the correct size of panties can eliminate embarrassing ride-ups, wedgies and bunching problems. The right size panties should contour to your curves without pinching or leaving indentations on your skin. With varieties ranging from high-cut to low-rise, every woman can find a comfortable-fitting panty. With a few simple measurements and visual inspection of prospective panties, you're well on your way to wearing the right size without the risk any embarrassing undergarment malfunctions


  • Wrap a cloth measuring tape around your waist. Bend to the right or left, and look for the natural indent in your skin. Place the tape measure at this crease, and stand up straight. Write down this measurement
  • Locate the fullest, widest part of your hips. Wrap the tape measure around your hips, keeping the tape parallel to the ground. Write down this measurement
  • Use a size chart (one is listed in the Resources section) to determine your panty size with the given measurements. If your measurements fall between two sizes, choose the larger one
  • Look for panties that lay smooth against your skin. There shouldn't be any bunching or sagging at the front, in the crotch or the rear of the panties. Conversely, the panties shouldn't be restrictive and pulled too taught against the skin
  • Check your legs for mobility. Panties shouldn't restrict your movement or leave red indentation lines. If the fabric is bunching around your legs, try a high-cut panty
  • Feel the waistband of the panties. It should be snug, but not tight. If the fabric is rolling down onto itself, the panties are too big. Unless they are thong-style panties, the fabric should cup your buttocks, and lay smooth over your lower belly

Tips & Warnings:

  • If you are consistently comfortable in a thong, brave a G-string or V-string. These undies have even less fabric. In addition to eliminating a panty line, they also help to reduce a "fat line" at the waist that many thong-wearing women fall victim to
  • Buying undies in the wrong size is an invitation for a glaring panty line

Package Included: 

  • 3 x Pair of Women Panties