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High Collar Hedging Twisted Acrylic Women Sweater


Are you looking for a both warm and fashionable women sweater? This High Collar Hedging Twisted Acrylic Women Sweater will satisfy you and bring beauty to your pregnancy wardrobe! Twisted Knit design women long sweater makes you both fashionable and ...
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  • Rib design high neck sweater makes you both fashionable and charming
  • Made of high quality materials, this women long sweater is comfortable for wearing
  • Perfect for woman, the women long sweater is easy to wash and keep clean
  • Relax in this loose women long sweater all day
  • This is a edgy, trendy, hilarious super women long sweater to fit your growing body
  • This women long sweater can show women good shape by exquisite work
  • One size fits all most
  • Material: Acrylic


High Collar Hedging Twisted Acrylic Women Sweater

  • Made of high quality materials, this Acrylic Women Sweater is comfortable for wearing

High Collar Hedging Twisted Acrylic Women Sweater

  • Relax in this loose women sweater all day, it is super stretchy to fit your body

High Collar Hedging Twisted Acrylic Women Sweater

  • Twisted Knit design women long sweater makes you both fashionable and charming

High Collar Hedging Twisted Acrylic Women Sweater

  • Rib design makes the women long sweater beautiful and chic, you will love it

High Collar Hedging Twisted Acrylic Women Sweater

  • With this beautiful women long sweater, you will always be charming

How to Measure:

High Collar Hedging Twisted Acrylic Women Sweater

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Sweater Length


Shoulder Width

Hem Circumference





42 x 2


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How to Pick Sweaters for Women's Fashion:

Sweaters make a great choice for any woman's closet. From smaller body types to plus size women, many women find that the right sweaters can sometimes be difficult to find. The trick is to find a style that creates a sleek, flattering silhouette. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect women's sweater

  • Take stock of what you already own. Look in your closet and discard any sweaters that are hopelessly out of style or no longer fit. This will give you the best idea of what you need
  • Look at the fabrics. The fabric of a sweater will determine how well it will fit on your specific body type. Sweaters can be found a number of lush, soft fabrics. However, the best options are usually made from blended wool or cotton
  • Ensure that you are choosing a good variety of sweaters. If you are purchasing several at one time, remember that the key to building a good wardrobe of sweaters is to purchase versatile styles for different occasions
  • Try on any sweater you are considering for purchase to make sure it looks good on your frame. If you are unsure of your size and can't try the sweater on, choose a size larger in your sweater than what you would wear in a button-down shirt style
  • Choose sweaters that have some pizazz. A fabulous sweater should be a part of any woman's winter wardrobe. There are a number of colors and styles fit in perfectly with just about any wardrobe. You can use funky sweaters to add color to your closet

How to Unshrink a Wool Sweater:

One of the most frustrating disasters to befall a beloved piece of clothing is the phenomenon of wool shrinkage. Favorite sweaters can shrink when exposed to wet and warmth at the same time, making them unwearable. Fortunately, the process of wool shrinkage is not as irreversible as it is commonly assumed. A careful process of washing and re-stretching can restore your sweater to it's original size, sparing you the need to replace it

  • Prepare a cool, dry room. Close windows and blinds during sunny weather, or wait until night. Run fans or turn up the air conditioner
  • Soak the sweater. Be sure to use the coolest water you can comfortably hold your hands in (you'll need to handle your sweater to stretch it, so this is important). Hold the sweater under water long enough to make sure it's fully soaked (until bubbles stop rising to the surface of the water)
  • Wring the sweater out by hand. Do this gently to avoid damaging the fibers--if your sweater is delicate, you may want to squeeze out the water by pressing and folding, rather than twisting the fabric
  • Hang the sweater in the prepared room. Stretch out a dry towel beneath where it's hanging to catch any drops of water that may still fall
  • Aim fans to blow on the sweater. Wait a few hours
  • Check the sweater's progress. The body of the sweater will have stretched out some, as will the arms on a long-sleeved sweater. Use your hands to stretch out any sections that haven't yet stretched sufficiently, especially parts like cuffs or sleeves that won't have been weighted down
  • Lay the sweater on a flat surface, on top of a spread out towel. If it needs any further stretching, use hand weights to stretch the material out and hold it in place. Let dry

Package Included:

  • 1 x Women Sweater