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Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs


The women swimwear will make you special as for the lacework decoration. Excellent appearance gives the women bikinis a charming look. They will be your best swim partner. Show off your flair for style with the women bikinis. This kind of swimwear is...
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  • Color: Various colors available
  • Brand: other brand
  • Made in Asia
  • Made by good material this womens bikini has good sweat absorbency and let your skin breathe
  • You can show your plump bust shape perfectly and make yourself sexier with the Exquisite workmanship of this womens bikini
  • You can creates a charming and sexy view effect to yourself with this womens bikini
  • Whether you are playing beach volleyball or swimming this womens bikini ensures your safety
  • You will be an eye-catching with the unique design this womens swimwear set be featured 
  • Our products are manufactured in Asia, due to the small size, we kindly remind you to be careful while choosing the size  
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80A 80B 85A


  • Because the display and optical reasons, the fabric colors shown in the picture may be biased with the actual color of goods
  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person


 Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs

  • The halter design of the bikini set will make you sexy , hot as well as cute

Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs

  • Elaborate print detailed design is to show your fair skin and sexy figure

Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs

  • This nice suit is a necessary for you and will make you look more attractive

Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs

Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs

  • Enjoy your swimming day with this bathing suit which will bring more fun, laughter to your life

How to Measure:

Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs

Prevent Bathing Suit from Fading:

Rinse the Bathing Suit in Cold Water Immediately after Using

  • Whether you were on the beach or at a swimming pool, the bathing suit may have been exposed to substances such as chlorine or salt spray that can fade the suit if you don't rinse it well

Fill a Sink Basin with Clean, Cold Water

  • Add a mild detergent that states it won't fade colors -- just a teaspoon per gallon of water

Wash the Suit Gently by Hand

  • Do this by stirring the water and carefully rubbing the suit. There is no need to soak the bathing suit in the soapy water unless the suit has acquired a difficult stain

Let the Water Drain from the Sink

  • Rinse the bathing suit under the faucet with cold water so that no detergent residue remains

Dry the Bathing Suit Indoors

  • Bathing suits expose in the sunlight will fade. Open a window or turn on a fan to speed up drying. Wet cloth will develop a musty odor if not dried quickly in warm weather

Washing Method:

  • Flush by clear water below 30℃ after use
  • Do not bleach or use any bleaching laundry products
  • Remove swimwear from the water, gently squeeze excess water (never twist or wring the swimwear)
  • Please wash the inside of the swimwear, not the outside of the fabric directly
  • Lay a towel out on a flat surface and lay the swimwear flat on top of the towel to air dry
  • Do not place the swimwear in the sun as this may cause fading

Swimwear Maintenance Instruction:

Heat Is Bad

  • To keep elasticity and toughness of the fabric, no exposure to sunlight directly while hang up. To avoid color fading or deterioration, do not keep it at airless (as plastic bag) or high-temperature (as car trunk) places while it's moistened. Open a window or turn on a fan to speed up drying. Wet cloth will develop a musty odor if not dried quickly in warm weather

After a Swim, Rinse

  • Whether in an ocean, swimming pool or hot tub, salt, chlorine and bromine will eat away at the fabric. So wash your swimwear immediately after finish swim


  • Tan before you swim. That way your suit remains dry, so the sun won't cause as much damage to the material

About Bikinis:

Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs

Reliedeel Popular Halter Print Women Swimwear Bikini Set 3Pcs

Now a ubiquitous beach fixture, the illustrious bikini once created shock waves in polite society so raucous that the original bikini models refused to wear it. Since its introduction, however, the bikini has gained favor among beach and pool goers, making it one of the most popular pieces of swimwear available today. This article will explore some history of the bikini, its gain in public acceptance, benefits of the two-piece swimwear and considerations its wearers should keep in mind


  • Revealing, two-piece clothing for females dates to at least the fourth century, when Roman gymnasts wore garments that were very much like modern day swimsuits. The current incarnation, however, was patented in 1946 by French designers Jacques Heim and Louis Reard. Competing with one another to create the "world's smallest bathing suit," Heim and Reard used a French fashion show to introduce a skimpy, two-piece garment so revealing that it bared the wearer's back and navel for the first time in society. After an initial public backlash against the less-than-modest nature of the piece, bikinis slowly gained favor, first along the French Riveria and, subsequently, in the United States. By the 1960s, the bikini had become a staple of American beaches and was featured in popular surfing and beach media such as the television show "Gidget." Several variations of the swimwear evolved over the following half decade, and the fabric became increasingly revealing. The same basic design, however, has prevailed


  • The origins of the word "bikini" may be somewhat confusing; as the Latin prefix "bi-" means "two" and seems to apply nicely to the two-piece nature of the swimwear in question, it is easy to conclude that the bikini name originates from translated Latin roots. Such, however, is not the case; the bikini's name has much more marketing and publicity savvy roots.
  • The modern term "bikini" is taken from the island Bikini Atoll and the nearby Bikini Reef, both sites of World War II era atomic bomb testing. While some speculation exists as to why this particular name was chosen, historians cited on RandomHistory.com believe the name was picked because Reard believed the bikini would produce reactions among the populace with rippling effects very much akin to an atomic bomb

Public Acceptance

  • Before the introduction of the bikini, women endured great efforts to conceal themselves at public bathing arenas. Contraptions such as the "Bathing Machine" and the 1920s-era flapper suits were all the rage of the time, perhaps a foreshadowing of the original public loathing of the bikini. As film media gained popularity through the 1930s and 1940s, dress codes began to relax somewhat, though the internal code of conduct observed by filmmakers still prohibited displaying sensitive regions of the female body, such as the navel and back. In the 1950s, the bikini began to gain popularity in lax areas of Europe, and French star Brigitte Bardot was photographed in a bikini in 1953. As private and backyard pools gained popularity in the 1950s, American women became increasingly bold and confident, prompting retailer Neiman Marcus to declare the bikini a "big thing" in its 1960 catalog. By 1962, the bikini was making appearances in popular American media, and Sports Illustrated featured a white bikini on the cover of its first swimsuit issue in 1964. With the 1960s sexual revolution in full swing, the bikini finally broke free, leading a 1967 article in Time magazine to declare that 65 percent of American females had already taken up the style


  • As the bikini became increasingly accepted, it also became increasingly ubiquitous. In addition to beach outings and poolside fun, bikinis could also be seen in media, advertising, film and even on the cover of popular music. By the end of the 20th century, the fashion industry had pushed sex appeal to an extreme, allowing young females to bare their midriff with short-cut sweaters, polo shirts and other casual dress


  • Despite the prominence of the bikini, modern society still accepts that the skimpy swimwear is not for everyone. Emily Post once declared that the bikini is "for perfect figures only, and for the very young." Fashion designer Norma Kamali--a prominent bikini maker--concurred, stating that bikinis were "not for anyone with a tummy"

Package Included:

  • 1 x Bra
  • 1 x Pair of Boxers
  • 1 x Cape