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YW Womens Long Sleeve Pocket Cotton Plaid Shirt Blouse


Sometimes style just comes naturally. A perfect example is this beautiful Ruffle Front Blouse. Classic elements, like collar, long sleeves, and a ruffle-front, ensure that the top remains timeless. A ruffle front completes the look with a touch of fe...
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  • Womens Blouse is made of high quality material, soft and comfortable
  • Women can catch up with their friends in style with this fashion Long Sleeve Blouse
  • Ruffle Front Blouse makes you outstanding in the crowd
  • Fashion style and well design keep you cool and look fantastic
  • The Ruffle Front Blouse has a smooth feel and gloss look which makes you noticed
  • Ruffle Front Blouse infuse your look with the perfect hint of modern romance
  • Sweet ruffles and a feminine fit come together to create a simply lovely look


YW Womens Long Sleeve Pocket Cotton Plaid Shirt Blouse

  • plaid cotton long sleeve women's blouse

How to Measure:

YW Womens Long Sleeve Pocket Cotton Plaid Shirt Blouse

Size in Detail:


Shoulder Width


Sleeve Length

Total Length


36cm / 14.2in

88cm / 34.6in

62cm / 24.4in

59cm / 23.2in


37cm / 14.6in

92cm / 36.2in

64cm / 25.2in

60cm / 23.6in


38cm / 15in

96cm / 37.8in

64cm / 25.2in

61cm / 24in


39cm / 15.4in

100cm / 39.4in

64cm / 25.2in

62cm / 24.4in


40cm / 15.7in

105cm / 41.3in

64cm / 25.2in

63cm / 24.4in


41cm / 16.1in

110cm / 43.3in

64cm / 25.2in

63cm / 24.4in


  •  These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

Different Designs of Blouses:

YW Womens Long Sleeve Pocket Cotton Plaid Shirt Blouse

A woman's blouse is a basic part of her wardrobe. Blouses are also extremely versatile. They can be dressed up and worn as part of a professional suit, or dressed down and worn with jeans. You can pair blouses with skirts or pants. Blouses are also made of many different fabrics, from silk to cotton

Button Down

  • Button-down blouses are the most common type. These shirts are often made of silk and paired with suits. They also can be made of cotton and worn casually with blue jeans, a skirt or even shorts. Button-down blouses are flattering to many body types, as they elongate the torso and slim the body. Button-down blouses commonly have collars, but don't have to


  • Another type of blouse is the wrap. This blouse is flattering because it can emphasize a small waist. The shirt is made so that the fabric wraps around the body, and often ties in a bow at the side or back. These blouses can look very elegant and are a good option for a professional look. They tend to have collars and may have a deep V-neck


  • A ruffled blouse is a version of the button down, but with embellishments. The ruffles may be simple and flow down the front of the shirt. Other ruffle blouses may have ruffles on the ends of the shirt's sleeves and at the neckline. This fun blouse design looks great with a pair of jeans and heels.


  • Another type of blouse is the tunic. Tunics are long blouses and are made to be worn outside the pants, rather than tucked in. Tunics typically fall to the mid-thigh, and can be dressy or casual. These blouses look good with long pants or capri pants. They often do not have collars, although they can

How to Iron a Blouse?

The secret to keeping your clothes looking crisp and new is ironing them well. When your blouses are ironed and pressed, they look more expensive. Ironing your clothes well gives you a more professional image

YW Womens Long Sleeve Pocket Cotton Plaid Shirt Blouse

  • Look at the tag in the blouse to see what material it's made of. Set the iron temperature for that material. (If the iron is too hot, it can damage the fabric.) When the little light turns off, the iron is hot enough to iron
  • Undo all buttons. Lay the collar out flat, and iron it first. (If you save the collar for last, the rest of the blouse may get wrinkled again when you iron the collar.)
  • Next iron the sleeves. Fold out the cuffs and press them well. Then do the rest of the sleeve. (Repeat on the other sleeve.)
  • Iron the body of the blouse by laying the front half of the blouse on top of the ironing board. Iron it well, and then work the blouse around the ironing board - turn it so that a portion of the back is on top and iron that. Then turn it again and iron the next portion, until you come all the way around to the front again. (Don't lay out the blouse folded and try to iron through two layers of fabric.)
  • Buttons - don't iron on top of the buttons, as that can damage them. Press the iron in between the buttons

Package Included:

  •  1 x Women Blouse