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SANSHA Cool Cow Leather Lace Up Jazz Hip Hop Womens Dance Shoes


Do you want to have a pair of light shoes? Do you want to have a pair of stylish shoes? Here the Cool Cow Leather Lace Up Jazz Hip Hop Womens Dance Shoes can give you much surprise!The fantastic women dance shoes are ready for any serious d...
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  • Women dance shoes have a padded notch for added comfort
  • The best-fitting, most advanced women dance shoes are comfortable, lightweight and built to last
  • These stylish women dance shoes have just a hint of rugged appeal for the perfect look
  • Perfect womens dance shoes for your hip-hop or jazz dance class
  • Variable system of lace up shoes allows for narrow or wide width foot
  • Built on a dancer specific high arch last for true fit, comfort and elegance
  • High quality material pivot point allows 360 degree movement and enhanced freedom
  • This pair of cow leather shoes cushioned heel for maximum shock absorption and comfort
  • The breathable air vents insteps and insole fight odors, gives the foot a cool or dry performance
  • With perfect air system to continue supporting good air circulation to the feet
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Cow Leather


SANSHA Cool Cow Leather Lace Up Jazz Hip Hop Womens Dance Shoes

  • Perforated arch for ventilation and breathability. The unique styling allows this shoe to be worn for ballet, jazz, modern and contemporary

SANSHA Cool Cow Leather Lace Up Jazz Hip Hop Womens Dance Shoes

  • Durable outsole of the cow leather shoes provides grip on a variety of surfaces. And the side details of the shoes

SANSHA Cool Cow Leather Lace Up Jazz Hip Hop Womens Dance Shoes

  • The practical women dance shoes consist of a leather upper and a non-marking rubber outsole with a medial pivot point for ease of turning

SANSHA Cool Cow Leather Lace Up Jazz Hip Hop Womens Dance Shoes

  • Built on a dancer specific high arch of the lace up shoes can last for true fit, comfort and elegance

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  • There may be certain error of these dimensions; specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Measure:

SANSHA Cool Cow Leather Lace Up Jazz Hip Hop Womens Dance Shoes

SANSHA Cool Cow Leather Lace Up Jazz Hip Hop Womens Dance Shoes

How to Clean Cow Leather Boots:

  • Rub the surface of the garment with a clean bath towel. This brings up the nap
  • Try to remove small, dry stains through the judicious use of a clean pencil eraser. Small stains that are still wet should be blotted up by putting a paper towel on it and a weight on top of the towel. For either kind of stain, avoid using a chemical stain remover
  • Stains may also be rubbed off with a damp towel and some white vinegar. Allow the leather to dry before assessing your success. After drying, the garment will reek of vinegar for a while - but it will eventually fade
  • If there are lumps of dirt or dry scuff marks that won't come off this way, try rasping them off with a fingernail file. Be gentle
  • Your last step (if cleaning suede shoes) is to brush the shoe gently with a wire suede brush
  • Body oil stains on clothing and suede furniture can be attacked with a degreaser leather cleaner made especially for cow leather

How to Pick Shoes for Jazz Dancing:

  • Locate a dance supply store and make plans to visit it. At the store tell the sales associate that you need to be fitted for a pair of jazz shoes
  • Now the associate will ask you several questions. Black or tan? Split sole or full sole? Capezio or Bloch? Tie or pull on? Canvas or leather? The answers will of course depend upon what you really want. But for general purposes let's start here. Black shoes are generally the standard for jazz. If you do a recital or other performance your instructor may require you to purchase tan shoes for the look of the costume. But in general, black is standard. Split sole shoes are now the most popular because they are much easier to point your toes in. Split sole shoes are highly recommended. As far as canvas versus leather, go with leather. Canvas shoes are used by dancers who dance numerous hours each week and use them for practice. Tie or pull on, tie shoes are those with shoelaces. Pull on shoes have no shoe laces, straps or other mechanism for staying on. Pull on shoes are the easiest shoe and conform to the foot; however, they are slightly more expensive. Capezio and Bloch are the biggest producers of jazz shoes, but there are several other brands to choose from
  • The associate will ask your street shoe size. Jazz shoes run on different sizing charts which vary by brand. They will also ask you if you have a wide, narrow or regular width foot. Then he or she will bring you several pairs of shoes to try on. Here's the fun part. Try on all the shoes. You're looking for a shoe that is comfortable, fits somewhat snuggly and is easy for you to manipulate your foot in. If you can't point you foot in the shoe then that isn't a good shoe for you
  • Try doing a couple dance moves in the shoes. Try doing a turn, rising up on your toes and even running in them. You have to be comfortable in them as you will be doing lots of uncomfortable things while dancing and stretching, and you want your shoes to be worry-free
  • Once you have selected and purchased your shoes, take them home and wear them around the house to get used to them. After you've danced in them you might notice they start to smell or the leather may be folding in due to sweat left in them after class. You can apply foot spray to these shoes to freshen them and simply bend and remold the shoes with your hands to reshape them

How to Protect Your Shoes:

  • I suggest purchasing a waterproofing spray and applying it to your shoes IMMEDIATELY after you buy them. Yes, that means before you ever stick your feet inside of them. I know, I know. The sales people at Finish Line have tried to sell you this stuff before. But guess what? It actually works
  • Water repellents work by essentially clogging the pores of materials that your shoes are made out of. Of course, when water can not find its way into the pores of your shoes, there is no way for the pores of your shoes to expand and contract. That means your new Sperry topsiders will be more resilient and will last far longer than they would having not been waterproofed

How to Waterproof Shoes:

  • Simple. Start to buy pulling your shoes of their box. I usually make sure mine aren't laced, although it is not a huge deal. Next, find a well ventilated area. Lay down some newspaper/tarp/notebooks/whatever to make sure you don't stain the area around where you are spraying. Hold the can of waterproofing spray 8-12 inches away from the shoes and spray away! Be generous, but make sure you aren't soaking the shoe. In fact, plan on at least 2 coats. Make sure you let your shoes completely dry between coats; it should take around 10 or 15 minutes

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Womens Dance Shoes