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Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch


Are you a watch lover. Come on! We will introduce the black mens watch for men to you. To keep up with the fashion, so how could you miss the SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch? You may be attracted at the first sight for its special d...
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  • This black mens watch for men is made of New brand metal band, it will gives you a comfortable feeling when you wearing it
  • Black mens watch for men which is designed with a tiny calendar shows the time clearly accurate, so you can arrange schedule effectively
  • With exquisite needle pointers, this black mens watch provides you with the exact time
  • Super strength folded buckle secures wearing and easy on and off
  • High crafted finishing and comfortable fit
  • The unique watch is easy to match your cloth and it is also a perfect decoration
  • The watch with exquisite design are very charming for all occasions
  • Band Color: Black


Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

  • Precise mens luxury watch will provide you much convenience when you want to know time

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

  • This stylish metal calendar watch tiny calendar to show the time clearly for you

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

  • Made of all metal, the men wrist watch shows your high taste in the crowd
  • Super strength wrist watches folded buckle secure wearing and easy on and off

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

  • The men wrist watch particularly shows successful men's charming perfectly

How to measure:

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

How to Clean a Wristwatch:

  • Use clean toothpicks to remove residue from between metal links, as worldofwatches.com suggests. Do this gently so the toothpick tip does not break off
  • Use a soft toothbrush to clean stainless steel or rubber watch bands. Wet the brush under running water and place a drop of a mild soap (such as hand soap) on the bristles. Hold the watch by the face to avoid splashing that area with water (even if it is water resistant) and brush the band with the soapy toothbrush. If your band is of a soft metal (silver or gold), use a soft cloth instead of a brush. If the band is leather, do not use water or soap--clean with leather cleaner, applied to the band with a soft cloth only
  • Rinse metal bands with clean water--again make sure you hold the watch by the face to avoid that area getting too wet
  • Dry the watch band with a soft towel. Wet a cotton swab with water and clean the back and front of the watch, including the face. Dry this area with a soft cloth

How to Regulate a Mechanical Watch?

Regulating a mechanical watch is a relatively easy task that requires little skill and plenty of trial and error. Most mechanical watches are vintage timepieces manufactured before 1970. Although most watches produced today are battery-powered quartz models, mechanical watches remain in production. A tiny spring-loaded engine, called a "movement," powers a mechanical watch. A mechanical watch in good running condition may gain or lose between five and eight seconds a day. More time gain/loss may require a slight adjustment of the regulator


  • Wind up your mechanical watch and set it aside for 24 hours to determine how much time it is losing. Time it against a quartz watch or clock. If the watch loses or gains less than eight seconds in 24 hours don't bother regulating it. If it gains or loses several minutes, there is something wrong with the movement and regulating it won't solve the problem. Take it to a watchmaker for repairs
  • Place the watch on a table before you decide to open it for adjustment. Gravity and position play a role in the accuracy of a mechanical watch. According to Rolex, the watch may gain a few seconds if you lay it face up and running for 24 hours. It will lose a few seconds if the watch is set on its side with the crown (winding knob) facing downward. It will lose more seconds if the watch is set on its side with the crown facing up
  • Use a case blade to open a snapdown case back of a mechanical watch if your positioning experiment does not work. Use a watchmaker's rubber ball, a wadded up ball of duct tape or rubberized jar opener to twist off counterclockwise a screwdown case back
  • Place the watch face down on a clean, flat surface. Use a jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass to find the regulator. The regulator will be a notch next to the balance wheel with a "+" and "- " on either side. Most watches, however, have a thin bar between the "+" and "-". Many luxury watches don't have regulators and must be serviced by a watchmaker
  • Use a toothpick or similar clean tool and move the bar a tiny fraction towards the "+" to make the movement gain time or towards "- " to slow it down. Use a screwdriver if the regular is a notch
  • Set the watch aside for two hours and time it again to determine the gain/loss of seconds. Keep the case back off. Record the gain/loss and multiply it by 12 to determine how many seconds are gained or lost in 24 hours. Continue making incremental adjustments until the gain/loss is less than eight seconds. Your final adjustment should be made only within 60 to 120 seconds

Tips & Warnings:

  • Novice watch collectors should practice on a cheap watch or one in poor condition for practice before attempting the real task
  • Never force anything on a watch. You will break something. Send stubborn watches to a watchmaker

How to Select a Wristwatch

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

The right wristwatch, whether it is a sporty watch or an elegant, bejeweled time piece, can make or break an ensemble. There are also several styles, colors and brands to choose from, all of which can make the selection process even more confusing. When choosing a wristwatch, you need to keep in mind several points to choose a timepiece that will fit your lifestyle

  • Set a price point. Walk into the store with a price you are not wiling to go over and stick to the number
  • Wear a watch that suits your lifestyle. For instance, a globetrotting traveler would benefit more from a sports watch that is water or shock resistant. An executive may choose a more refined timepiece with a leather strap and gold-encrusted bezel
  • Wear a watch that suits the occasion. An everyday plastic band watch can be worn for running errands or hosting a children's play group. A more elegant timepiece would be appropriate for a wedding or other formal event
  • Look for a watch based on quality. A trendy watch may be less expensive and of lesser quality than a watch that you plan to wear for several years
  • Look at the watch's function. Many people look for a timepiece that tells the time and nothing else. Others desire a watch that offers the date or month as well

How to Adjust a Watch Band?

Sinobi SINOBI 9329 Fashionable Dial Men Wrist Watch

  • You will need a tool that looks like a small ice pick but has a hook shaped end
  • Wearing a leather glove grasp the watch so that you can see the ends of the pins. You may need a magnifying glass. One end of the pins will be solid and the opposite will be two pieces pressed together. The watch pins look like miniature hair pins, they are just doubled stainless steel wire that have been flattened at one end
  • You will want to estimate how many pins and links to remove to make the band fit. You can do small adjustments on many watches by sliding the clasp up a notch or two with the spring loaded pins
  • Major adjustments require removing pins though
  • Using the curved end pick, hold the watch band firmly and press the pick into the solid end of one of the pins with a fair amount of pressure. You should see the pin begin to push out the opposite side
  • Once the pin is far enough out to grasp it with the needle nose pliers go ahead and grasp it and pull it on through. The Band will come apart at that link. Repeat the same procedure for the link above, or a couple of links. You want to remove an equal amount of links from each side of the watch band so that it is balanced but do one side at a time
  • Go ahead and place the links back together once you have removed the ones you wanted to get rid of. Push the pin through the hole with your pliers. You may need to place the watch firmly against a table edge, in the leather glove, and press firmly with the closed end of the pliers
  • Now repeat the procedure with the opposite side of the watch band and remove the same amount you did from the previous side

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wrist Watch