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Launcher YINGFA Y2800af Anti-fog Clear Swimming Goggles


Do you like swimming? Do you want to enjoy the fun of diving? If so, please have a look at this YINGFA Y2800af Anti Fog Corrective Lens Optical Swimming Goggles. These anti fog swimming goggles are great for those with less than perfect vision. ...
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  • The optical swimming goggles is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate 
  • The optical swimming goggles with UV lens is suitable for outdoor
  • Pads and headband are made of soft silicone material
  • Anti-fog mirror treatment and a clear line of sight
  • Give your eyes comfortable touch with this anti fog swimming goggles
  • Material: Polycarbonate(Lens & Side Buckle); Silicone Rubber(Lens Ring & Headband); Polyurethane(Nose Buckle)


Launcher YINGFA Y2800af Anti-fog Clear Swimming Goggles

Launcher YINGFA Y2800af Anti-fog Clear Swimming Goggles

Launcher YINGFA Y2800af Anti-fog Clear Swimming Goggles

  • These optical swimming goggles give the same vision above and under water, which is very convenient

Launcher YINGFA Y2800af Anti-fog Clear Swimming Goggles

  • These swim goggles has compact design, you can enjoy swimming with the best swimming goggles

How to Buy Swimming Goggles?

Swimming goggles enable you to see underwater, and keep chlorinated pool water or salty ocean water out of your eyes. Swimming goggles also protect contact lenses from water and harmful debris. Use the following instructions to buy the right swimming goggles for you.

  • Go to either a sporting goods store or specialty prescription lens goggle retailer. Wear your contact lenses to the shop if purchasing over-the-counter goggles.
  • Choose goggles with UV protective lenses to swim outdoors.
  • Pick goggles with dark lenses for outdoor racing or fitness training. Use clear or lightly tinted lenses for indoor swimming or snorkeling. Select anti-fog lenses.
  • Find pre-made prescription lenses, and try on several pairs to determine the best match for your vision. Opt for custom prescription goggles for unique prescriptions.
  • Try on several pairs of goggles with your desired lens styles. Pull the elastic snugly.
  • Check for a tight seal on the eye socket bone. Check for air leakage and gaps around the eye sockets.

About Anti-Fog Swim Goggles:

Swim goggles are one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need to swim either recreationally or competitively. When you are choosing a swim goggle, make sure to consider an anti-fog model. Anti-fog swim goggles are great for training and swimming in open water because they do not have to be manually cleared and allow you to focus entirely on swimming rather than trying to see.


  • Anti-fog swim goggles are designed, like all goggles, to keep water and irritants out of the eyes while you are swimming. Anti-fog goggles are different, however, because they do not fog up on the insides of the lenses, unlike most other goggles. As a result, you will be able to see others in your lane, competitors and pace clocks clearly throughout a swimming session without having to constantly adjust and wipe off your goggles.


  • Anti-fog swim goggles tend to be designed for racing or training, so they are sleek and aerodynamic. They fit closely to the face and have a rubber liner that seals the area off around your eyes. They also have a thin, transparent coating of anti-fog treatment on the insides of the lenses that may need to be re-applied every few months or so.


  • Anti-fog goggles come in several types. They usually come with separate lenses, but diving masks also can be purchased with anti-fog properties. You can also make your own, using an anti-fog spray that will temporarily prevent your goggles from fogging.


  • When you are considering buying anti-fog goggles, make sure that you are aware that these goggles generally do not retain their anti-fog properties indefinitely. The lens treatment may scratch or wear over time, causing the goggles to begin to fog like other lenses. You can replace them at no great expense, but they probably will not last as long as other goggles will.


  • Anti-fog goggles are great when you are training, especially if you work on a lot of intervals. If you only have a few seconds to rest before you have to push off and do another few laps, you will not have time to clear your goggles so that you can get a good look at the pace clock. Anti-fog goggles eliminate this necessity and allow you to concentrate on your strokes and speed. They also help you get a better idea of how fast you are swimming because you will be able to see clearly the second you lift your head from the water.


  • If you decide to apply anti-fog treatment to your present pair of goggles, be sure to follow the directions exactly. If you do not, the treatment may not set on the goggles and could get in your eyes when you wear the goggles in the water. This can cause permanent damage, so be sure that you follow the directions and perform any required tests on the goggles before wearing them to insure that the treatment adhered to the lenses correctly.

Maintainance of the Swimming Glasses:

  • Goggles have anti-fog coating inside the box, do not hand, paper or cloth wipe
  • To ensure the fog effect, rinse with water after use and dry, and put the shadows into the mirror box collection
  • Please avoid placing the heat goggles or sun exposure
  • Before use, adjusted the length of the lens so as not to loose

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Swimming Goggles