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zobo Zobo ZB-030 Washable Reusable Nicotine Filter Cigarette Holder


Cigarette Holder! For A Smoke That's Nice! This is a brand new Zobo Nicotine Filtering Cigarette Holder with Filters, it is comfortable holder design and Efficiently filter nicotine, reduces health risks introduced by smoking cigarettes. Great choice...
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  • With unique structure of double filtration, it effectively sieves most tar, nicotine and each kind of harmful carcinogen
  • Effectively smooth throat gall and cough etc caused by smoking
  • The material of the product is non-toxic
  • High standard produces, strict control hygiene and fine quality
  • Outstanding brand guarantee of quality
  • Health companion for smokers
  • Filter cigarette holder makes smoking less damaging, holds a standard cigarette nicely
  • Size: 78 x 14mm / 3.1 x 0.6in (L x Dia.)


zobo Zobo ZB-030 Washable Reusable Nicotine Filter Cigarette Holder

  • Reusable Nicotine Filter Cigarette Holder

zobo Zobo ZB-030 Washable Reusable Nicotine Filter Cigarette Holder 

  • Reusable Nicotine Filter

zobo Zobo ZB-030 Washable Reusable Nicotine Filter Cigarette Holder

  • The seperate design

How to Use a Cigarette Holder:

  • Make sure the holder is clean. If the holder unscrews, unscrew it to make sure the center is not jammed with any tobacco, grime or lint from being thrown in your pocket or purse. You can blow through it to dislodge any debris that's not stuck on. Otherwise, clean it with a pipe cleaner
  • Insert the cigarette into the holder. Gently grasp the holder in one hand and the cigarette in the other. Place the tip of the cigarette's filter into the holder's opening, turning very gently to secure into place. Do not pinch or disfigure the cigarette or you won't be able to smoke it
  • Light the cigarette. Make sure you keep the holder and cigarette pointing upwards so the cigarette does not fall out and light as you normally would
  • Keep the holder pointing slightly upwards while smoking. Try not to point the holder down at the ground or the cigarette may fall out or at least get loose. Also try not to wave your hand around while smoking, which can also loosen the cigarette. Ash with care
  • Dispose of the cigarette when through. This is done by simply grasping the cigarette butt and slightly twisting it to remove it from the holder. If you stub out the cigarette while it's still in the holder, you may mash it further in
  • Clean out the holder periodically. You'll know when the holder needs cleaning by simply looking at it or finding it harder to smoke through. Cleaning out a holder is pretty grotesque if left neglected for too long, as it gets caked with clumps of tar. Try to clean our your holder at least once a week, even once a day for best results. Simply unscrew the holder if it unscrews and stick a pipe cleaner into it. Have a paper towel handy to wipe all the gunk off

Tips & Warnings:

  • Different types of holders are on the market for cutting down the amount of tar and nicotine that gets into your system
  • Antique holders are the best, but sterilize them before use by boiling in hot water so you don't get any germs from wherever it's been laying around for enough years to make it antique
  • Rent some old Bettie Davis or other movies where actresses used to use holders to you can pick up some stylish tips on using them with a added finesse
  • Remember the holder is going to add some length to your cigarette so be extra careful in the car or other small places where you are not used to having a longer cigarette. You can burn the car ceiling if you're not careful
  • The cigarette also likes to fall out of the holder periodically, again, usually in the car when you're going about 75 mph on the freeway. Never try to find a lit cigarette while you are zooming down the road. Pull over if you must to make sure a loose, lit cigarette does not engulf your whole vehicle in flames

Package Included:

  • 1 x Filter Tip
  • 1 x Mouth Piece
  • 1 x Pin
  • 2 x Leather Pads
  • 1 x Case


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