ELEGOO Arduino 2560 - Best Performer and Getting Breakout Market.

Elegoo Arduino Mega 2560 is the most complete ultimate starter kit.

It is a micro controller board. It is based on 2560 micro controller. Arduino Boards are easy to use where anyone can operate it with some basic skills. Boards are programmed in Elegoo Arduino IDE software. There is no need to add extra devices for running. Everything is built in condition so this device is available to use at any time. According to your necessity, it is just plug and play in board.

Elegoo Arduino Mega 2560 best electronic comes when a complicated task to be completed with less number of I/O pins and memory. It is handy to use. It has 54 pins and 16 analog pins with more memory to store the code. Here we will get some information about Mega 2560. So, let’s do my job.

Why Elegoo Mega 2560 is best?

The main reason of using Elegoo Mega 2560 is for its inbuilt features with this board. With USART modes, the large I/O system design with inbuilt 16 analog transducers and 54 digital transducers. Furthermore, it has advanced timer, wake up mechanism with 16 MHz crystal clock to get 16 MIBS.

Mainly, the Elegoo Arduino Mega 2560 is a update version of old Arduino Mega. It is suitable for complex projects. There are some more key points available such as debugging and troubleshooting, JTAG support for programming.

Advantages of Elegoo mega 2560:

  • The Elegoo MEGA2560 is a complete starter kit. It has more than 200pcs components.

  • With more than 35 lessons, free pdf tutorial in the cd.

  • Lcd1602 module

  • GY-521 sensor module with pin header.

  • Nice small box to keep IC, LED, buttons and so on.

Specifications of Elegoo Arduino mega 2560:

· Brand name: ELEGOO

· EAN : 0746591610586

· Model no: EL-KIT-008

· Item weight: 2.15 pounds

· Input voltage: 7v-12v

· DC power jack: Yes

· Micro controller: Atmega2560

· Operating voltage: 5v

· USB port: Yes

· Digital I/O pins: 54

· Analog pins: 16



· LED: Yes

· Shield capability: yes

· Wi-Fi: No

· Current Rating per I/O pin: 20 mA

· Current Drawn from chip: 50 mA

· PWM: 15

· Flash Memory: 256 KB

· Crystal Oscillator: 16 MHz

Why you should purchase Elegoo mega 2560 Arduino Kit?

There are some key factors which help you to take the right decision. Three main considerations of Elegoo Arduino kit.

1. Budget-friendly

The first thing is the price. Whether projects or home applications, if you have a clear idea about what you want to do. Elegoo Mega 2560 is the most cost effective. It provides you the best output according to your requirement.

2. Quantity of Components

Quantity of components is the second issue. The more components you have, the more projects you can create. Elegoo Arduino mega 2560 has a number of components. For instance, motors, motherboard, LEDs. You can use of them efficiently.

3. Flexibility

For purchasing, flexibility is the last thing. It is willing to change with the external sources.

4. Customer Satisfaction:

According to user’s feedback, this Elegoo Arduino mega 2560 is the best experience to use. They remark it as incredible performance, user friendly. Even kids can also operate this with the help of family members.


There are so many Arduino products available in the local market. Among of them, Elegoo Arduino mega 2560 is the best for its performance and high-quality components. When you purchase Elegoo mega 2560, you get a user guide with essential hardware components. It will help you to fix the technical issues.

Have a great time with Elegoo Mega 2560!

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